Editorial Team

The Editorial Team oversees the curation, review, publication, and circulation of the PPJ, ensuring the journal adheres to its mission and enact its core values. The team supports individual authors, guest editors, and all members of the PPJ community to cultivate habits of collaboration and collegiality among people, wider communities, and relevant scholarly ideas.

Nic Cottone

Editorial Assistant, MSU Department of Philosophy

Christopher P. Long

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dean of MSU College of Arts & Letters and MSU Honors College

Kathleen Lowenstein

Editorial Assistant, PhD Candidate, MSU Department of Philosophy

Development Team

The Development Team supports PPJ’s mission through designing, creating, and sustaining the journal’s digital home. In collaboration with the Editorial Team and other partners, the Development Team is working to spread the values of generous scholarship and formative peer review in the Collaborative Community Review project, funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Brian Adams

Systems Architect and Lead Developer, MSU College of Arts & Letters

Grant Eben

Developer, MSU Information & Technology Services at

Sruthin Gaddam

Developer, MSU Information & Technology Services 

William Hart-Davidson

Consultant, MSU College of Arts & Letters 

Kelly Sattler

Lead Project Manager & MESH-PPJ Liaison, Associate Director of MESH, MSU Libraries

Scott Schopieray

MESH Associate Director, Assistant Dean for Academic and Research Technology, MSU College of Arts & Letters

Stephanie Vasko

Senior UX Researcher, MESH Research, MSU College of Arts & Letters 

Shel Vilag

Front End Developer and Designer, MSU College of Arts & Letters

The following people and organizations have contributed to the Public Philosophy Journal

Sharieka Botex, Editorial Assistant
Shelby Brewster, Associate Editor
Mark Fisher, Co-Founder
Kris Klotz, Editorial Assistant
Nancy Maron (BlueSky to BluePrint), Consultant
Kate Miffitt, Project Manager
Kurt Milberger, Managing Editor
Taylor Mills, Editorial Assistant
Sophia Pavlos, Editorial Assistant
Phil Pellino, Editorial Assistant
André Rosenbaum de Avillez, Editorial Assistant
Tiffany Tsantsoulas, Editorial Assistant
Andrea Walsh, Community Manager

Pennsylvania State University, Co-Founding Sponsor

Matrix Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences
Dean Rehberger, Director
Seilea Gonzalez Estrecha, Director of Programming
Alicia Shiell, Assistant Director
Austin Thompson-Truchan, Head of Design
Eric Knappe, Consulting Developer