About PPJ

The Public Philosophy Journal (PPJ) is an open forum for the curation and creation of accessible scholarship that deepens our understanding of, deliberation about, and action concerning issues of public relevance. In contrast to other scholarly journals, the PPJ has adopted a developmental review process designed to enable communities and academics to create scholarship that this accessible to, relevant for, and shaped by the public. Our model of scholarly publishing attempts to partner with existing communities in order to facilitate and coordinate publications that advance the work of these communities. Rather than simply bringing the traditional scholarly journal online and providing public access to its contents, we are attempting to cultivate habits of enriching scholarly development, for people, communities, and ideas, in order to make our shared efforts more effective.

The PPJ has main parts: The Current and the Journal.

The Current curates content from across the web to draw increased public attention to work on emerging issues of public concern. The community-sourced curation of existing content allows interested parties to find work they otherwise might have missed, to share findings they think are of general interest to the community, to participate in open discussion and evaluation of this work, to connect with others who share an interest in reading and in doing more work related to it, and to become known within the PPJ Community for their various contributions to these collective efforts.

The Journal provides open access publication and archiving of scholarship that has been through the innovative Public Philosophy Journal formative peer review process. These published works themselves become available for post-publication engagement and discussion, while the participants in the formative review process are invited to publish a holistic response along with the final published piece.

The PPJ Way

We invite you to join the PPJ community by:
  1. Submitting work for Developmental Review
  2. Curating content to the Current
  3. Contacting us as someone willing to serve as a Developmental Reviewer (editors@publicphilosophyjournal.org)