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August 22nd, 2019 9:48:46 am

Open Philosophy Journal seeks special issue topic proposals

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The PPJ is a fan of anyone sharing our value of open-minded scholarly dialogue. If you'd like to publish more technical philosophical work aimed less at the public and more at other philosophers, check out this journal: Open Philosophy. Open Philosophy journal invites groups of researchers, conference organizers and individual scholars to submit their proposals of edited volumes to be considered as topical issues of the journal for 2020. Proposals will be collected by October 31, 2019. To submit your proposal please contact Dr Katarzyna Tempczyk at Open Philosophy is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal covering all areas of philosophy. The objective of Open Philosophy is to foster free exchange of ideas and provide an appropriate platform for presenting, discussing and disseminating new concepts, current trends, theoretical developments and research findings related to the broadest philosophical spectrum. The journal does not favour any particular philosophical school, perspective or methodology. Our past topical issues included: 2018: * The New Metaphysics: Analytic/Continental Crossovers (ed. Jon Cogburn and Paul Livingston) * Objects Across the Traditions (ed. Tom Sparrow) 2019 (in progress): * Does Public Art Have to Be Bad Art? (ed. Mark Kingwell) * Computer Modeling in Philosophy (ed. Patrick Grim) * Object-Oriented Ontology and Its Critics (ed. Graham Harman) * Experience in a New Key (ed. Dorthe Jorgensen)



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