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August 13th, 2019 3:26:33 pm

Indigenous Women and the Environment

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Jessica Hernandez Ph.C. Dr. Michelle Montgomery
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We are seeking chapter contributions from indigenous women for this edited series. Please read the book's description below. Book description: This book aims to change the dominant narrative of the environmental discourse by uplifting and amplifying indigenous women’s voices—especially those who have addressed and tackled environmental challenges in their communities. Throughout this book, we will weave together stories and essays of survival, resilience, loss, and resistance as we—indigenous women— continue to protect Mother Earth. Our book will dive into important topics such as eco-feminism, medicine, sacred sites, food sovereignty, environmental justice, water, and indigenous science to further explain the importance of traditional ecological knowledge in environmental sustainability and protection.


Jessica Hernandez, Ph.C., & Dr. Michelle Montgomery


August 2019

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