Andrea Walsh (awalsh)

PPJ Managing Community Director, PhD Candidate in Philosophy


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19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy

Michigan State University

Joining the PPJ team in Fall 2016 as Editorial Assistant, I've since taken on the role of Managing Community Director to help refine the PPJ's intellectual architecture and build the community. I'm finishing up a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Michigan State University with a dissertation that examines Theodor Adorno’s career-long critique of Martin Heidegger’s Fundamental Ontology as a way of more broadly proposing to metaphysical and ethical issues a philosophical approach that integrates the foundations of the Phenomenological and First Generation Critical Theory traditions. The ultimate aim of the dissertation is to explore how these two predominant approaches in 20th Century Continental Philosophy, when pursued together, can maximize the successes of social critique and change. I also work in the Atlanta area as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.