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December 4th, 2017 6:05:23 pm

CFA: Public Philosophy Journal 2018 New Engaged Scholars Digital Pilot Program

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The Public Philosophy Journal is now accepting applications for participation in our 2018 New Engaged Scholars Digital Pilot Program, designed for graduate students across disciplines to generate publishable works in structured, encouraging environments. Applications are due by January 1st, 2017.

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2018 PPJ Pilot Program

We are pleased to call for participation in the Public Philosophy Journal’s 2018 New Engaged Scholars Digital Pilot Program.

It can often be difficult for graduate students to find structured, supportive spaces in which to develop their ideas and drafts for publication. To help meet these needs, we have designed this program to offer opportunities for participating in collegial practices of content creation and peer review rooted in a culture of care.

Program participants will engage in peer-to-peer coaching in the PPJ’s experimental Formative Peer Review process, submit original drafts to undergo this process, and actively collaborate with peer review teams. The goal of this opportunity is to prepare works for publication in any scholarly venue, and participants will also be invited to have their works considered for publication in the Public Philosophy Journal. New Engaged Scholars should expect to generate a publishable article by participating in this program.

In exchange, participants will be asked to record their experiences and complete periodic assessment surveys. This feedback will assist us in identifying features of PPJ Formative Peer Review that meet the needs of graduate students for successfully transforming their drafts into publishable works as well as those that require refinement.

The program will officially begin on February 5th, and program activities will take place online.

To apply, please send a (500-750 word) proposal or abstract, as well as a brief (100-150 word) letter of interest to . Applicants may propose written or multimedia works, and proposals for productions of co-composed works are strongly encouraged. Letters of interest should indicate applicant expectations of how participating in the program would help shape the proposed works into publishable scholarship.

The deadline for applications is January 1st. Applicants will be notified of decisions no later than January 15th.

Projects will be selected according to the degree of their public relevance, accessibility, and intellectual rigor. Preference will be given to proposals for interdisciplinary and intersectional works, as well as those submitted by later-stage PhD students.

To learn more about the Public Philosophy Journal and Formative Peer Review, please visit .




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